Monthly archives: June 2010

I hate rewrite rules, and they hate me too. So I used a PHP file. <?php $sRadNewAdress='/wp'; if (isset($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'])&&($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']!='')) { $sQstring = $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']; $aString = explode('/', $sQstring); $sNewAdress = $sRadNewAdress."/".$aString[1]."/".$aString[2]."/".strtolower ($aString[4]); } else { $sNewAdress = $sRadNewAdress; } header('Location: '.$sNewAdress); //Redirection HTTP header('HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently'); header('Status: 301 Moved Permanently'); […]

Dotclear to WordPress Rewrite rule

After some weeks of designing, coding, not sleeping and running, I finally took the time this week end to switch my blog from Dotclear to WordPress. I’m sure I hate Apache Rewrite Rules now.

May WordPress be with you