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I have been working as a consultant in Portugal for the past 4 years or so. This means: I own a company. CEO founder yay. It could have been more simple for me, but the Portuguese freelancer/self-employed status (recibos verdes) massively sucks after the first year if you are doing […]

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After some weeks of designing, coding, not sleeping and running, I finally took the time this week end to switch my blog from Dotclear to WordPress. I’m sure I hate Apache Rewrite Rules now.

May WordPress be with you

En cette date pas mémorable, je suis passé au multiblog histoire de déconner un peu (et surtout de séparer boulot et… Pas boulot)Donc, dans ce blog, vous trouverez des entrées relatives pas trop à ma vie, mais plutôt à la technologie du web mondial des chaumières, avec un peu de […]

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