Tokyo Startup Events

tokyo startup events

I was having trouble to follow all the events related to startups in Tokyo.
So I’ve created a calendar with all the startup events in Tokyo and when I asked for feedbacks, I realized that I was not the only one, so I ask my friends to translate it in Japanese.

It was a fun Hackathon, I did this in one week, on technologies I didn’t know. I’m using all the events API I could find around: Doorkeeper,, Eventbrite… and I’m welcoming users contributions via twitter login. I guess I’ll be also contributing quite a lot :)

CielTerre Japan

CielTerre Japan

Date: 2015

Details: Corporate website for CielTerre Japan, one of the world leader in manufacturing floating solar panel. This project’s goal was to maintain the previous web architecture and create an elegant corporate portfolio for the company services in Japan, focusing on conversion from visitor to prospect.
Two other aspects of this project were really important to the client: adaptation for mobile and tablet and optimizing SEO.
My main challenge on this work was to follow Japanese webdesign with modern website template: providing maximum information while avoiding hyper saturation of the pages.


Link GoDaddy domain with OVH Shared hosting

How to link a GoDaddy domain with an OVH Shared hosting/hébergement mutualisé… Good question.

This was much more complicated than expected, so here is how it goes:

First, add the new domain to OVH.

Disclaimer: at the time of writing (2015-06-18), OVH is migrating and unifying its admin interfaces, and I had to use the v3 to be able to do this. The last one just didn’t give the options. 

Go to your OVH interface, into Administration, then Add New domain.

Select Add to DNS (advanced configuration).

Zone type: shared hosting in English/hébergement mutualisé en français.
Email type: Redirect
Hosting: your main hosting.

Validate, and wait. It might break. Refresh later.

Second, configure the new domain as a multi domain.

Go to your main domain administration, then select multi-domains.

Create a new standard multi-domain.

Make it point wherever you want in your directories. Save.

At this point,  you should be able to see that OVH is giving you the DNS servers for this domain.

They look like:


Copy them and you are done with OVH.

Third, update you NameServer in GoDaddy.

You will need your OVH DNS server names I’ve mentionned previously. Replace your NameServers in GoDaddy interface, wherever they will move it next time:


Save, and you are done with GoDaddy.

Check that the DNS config is ok with and you are good to go.