Cela fait maintenant plus de deux ans que je vis et travaille à Tokyo et je reçois régulièrement des demandes de conseil pour trouver un emploi dans l’informatique au Japon. Voici donc un petit billet qui résume l’expérience que je partage. Cette note s’adresse particulièrement aux personnes qui ont des […]

Trouver un travail dans l’informatique à Tokyo

As working closely with IT systems, this is the book I wish I have read a long time ago. Written by David Kennedy, Jim O’Gorman, Devon Kearns and Mati Aharoni, all working in Security and contributing to security tools, the book describes precisely how a modern professional attack against an IT infrastructure is […]

Metasploit: The Penetration Tester’s Guide

Reverse a regex in javascript ? function reverse(s) { return s.split('').reverse().join(''); } function reverseSequence (s) { // chopper les expression conditionnelles // et construire un tableau pour les stocker var conditionals1 = s.match(/\[(.*?)\]/g); var conditionals2 = s.match(/(\[(.+)\])+\{(.*?)\}/g); var conditionals3 = s.match(/[A-Z\.]{1}\{(.*?)\}/g); var conditionals4 = s.match(/\^(.)/g); // on reverse la sequence […]

Attempt to reverse a regular expression

A little javascript class to handle geolocation in a web browser https://github.com/FabFab/GPS-in-your-browser How it works : GPS.get(); [...] var latitude = GPS.position.latitude; var longitude = GPS.position.longitude; or with a callback: GPS.get(updatePosition); function updatePosition() { var latitude = GPS.position.latitude; var longitude = GPS.position.longitude; [...] } More about Geolocation in web browsers: […]

GPS Geolocation in web browser class in Javascript

I have recently booked an airplane ticket on AirFrance.fr. Normal online booking procedure, nothing exciting as usual, but then, in the end of the process I am forced to check my identity using a code that I would receive on a mobile phone, in order to complete the transaction. This […]

Dear 3D Secure SMS security

Recently on wordpress.com for another project, I had this problem with uploading gif image : there is a f*** auto resize embed in my theme that transforms my image tag <img title="bugs" alt="bugs" src="https://blabla.files.wordpress.com/2012/bugs.gif"> in <img title="bugs" alt="bugs"  src="https://blabla.files.wordpress.com/2012/bugs.gif?w=479"> and therefore resize the gif on the fly with the ?w=479 […]

Annoying wordpress.com gif auto resize

Date: 2012-04 -> 2012-06 Technologies: Twitter Boostrap, Google Ads, some PHP & Javascript. Details: When I was working on map coordinates in apps some years ago for a famous french company, I always wanted a tool to quickly check how wrong I was while computing, but never found one with […]

Online Map Coordinates Converter

Just finished another project in my 2012 projects marathon. It’s an online map coordinates converter and you can find it there http://www.blackspotradish.com/onlinemapcoordinatesconvertor/www/ When I was working on map coordinates in apps some years ago for a famous french company, I always wanted a tool to quickly check how wrong I was […]

Awesome Online map coordinates Converter

I have been working on this  Google Maps Radar project for more than two years. I consider I have finished  it only tonight… If you take a look at it, it doesn’t seem very complicated. It’s not. But why did it take more than two years? Lessons learned: Do not start […]

About Google Maps Radar finished

So here we are. After two years with adding four lines per week end and removing three the next one, my mighty Google Maps Radar. The pitch: this Javascript library adds a Radar screen, like in the movie with submarines or boats, or with whatever evil machines that are quite […]

Google Maps Radar

On Unix, in one command line ? # Here the search is in PHP files, but # replace by whatever your file extension is. find . -name "*.php" -print | xargs sed -i 's/<search>/<replace>/g' # and that's all.

Find and replace text in multiple files