Since I have been living in Japan and working in the startup community with creww, I have been attending quite a lot of events and meetups. Be it conference, startup pitches or networking events, Tokyo is alive! But last April, I was at Slush Asia, and I really wanted to write about it because […]

Slush Asia 2015 review

Just four months after reading this blog post by Mish & Rob about stealing their business ideas of coffee shop certification for nomad workers, here I am launching I have decided to turn the concept into a crowdsourcing platform where users are free to find, register and rate new coffee shops or coworking […]

CoWorking Coffee

Date: 2014 Technologies: WordPress, PHP5, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript Details: Catarina Vitorino is a promising architect who wanted an online portfolio. URL:

Catarina Vitorino Architect Portfolio

There is not so much documentation on how to receive an email on Google App Engine (gae) with PHP. The official documentation is not really explicit, I guess it is because it is still experimental as I write. After fighting some time, here is how to do it. configure app.yaml with […]

Receive an email from Google App engine, in php

Google Apps Engine doesn’t allow cURL, among lots of other things, like PHP native mail(), we will come back on this another day. I needed to post a tweet from Google Apps Engine and couldn’t find a library using URL Fetch to do so, in few lines. It seems that […]

Codebird without cURL

Just released a new wordpress theme :  Spirulina theme Designed to be a healthy, clean theme, with a green and vegetal touch. Feel free to comment or ask alink to download the theme. This website – theme, content, client database – is for sale.

Spirulina theme

Earlier this month, I have prepared an introduction to Ruby on Rails for beginners. Here is what I have advised them. Feel free to comment, add information or ask for more! — Ruby on Rails is a popular framework to develop web applications quickly with tremendous easiness. But where to […]

Getting Started with Ruby On Rails

Cela fait maintenant plus de deux ans que je vis et travaille à Tokyo et je reçois régulièrement des demandes de conseil pour trouver un emploi dans l’informatique au Japon. Voici donc un petit billet qui résume l’expérience que je partage. Cette note s’adresse particulièrement aux personnes qui ont des […]

Trouver un travail dans l’informatique à Tokyo

As working closely with IT systems, this is the book I wish I have read a long time ago. Written by David Kennedy, Jim O’Gorman, Devon Kearns and Mati Aharoni, all working in Security and contributing to security tools, the book describes precisely how a modern professional attack against an IT infrastructure is […]

Metasploit: The Penetration Tester’s Guide