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English Version: A nice book to discover HTML5 and the futur of the web. The author, Mark Pilgrim Engineer at Google, is describing the main features of HTML5 from the very basic level like new semantic elements: <audio>, <video>, <header>, <footer> to  the most advanced use of canvas, geolocalisation, local […]

HTML5: Up and Running by Mark Pilgrim

Je ne sais pas si c’est juste moi ou la population entière, mais j’ai un problème avec l’administratif. J’ai rempli les formalités au mois de juillet 2010 pour créer ma micro entreprise. Mon but initial était de pouvoir vendre des produits achetés sur internet dans la région où je réside, […]

Galère de l’auto entreprise

I created my own company ! By the end of November, I will be available to work freelance for you, all around the world ! Hire me, get a professional web Engineer for your online projects. Get the French touch ! Don’t hesitate to contact me to tell me about your […]

I am an entrepreneur now.

I participated a while ago in Smashing Magazine CSS3 Contest. The aim was to play with CSS3. So I used my non-talent to design a menu enabling actions on a content, without Javascript. I used the general sibling selector ~, pseudo class :active,  and some other well know stuff, such […]

CSS3 Smashing Magazine Contest

The project I have been working on since September has been presented on Friday, 9th April 2010 ! On Champs Élysées Avenue in front of 30 journalists, Paris deputy Mayor M. Missika, M. JC Decaux (director of second largest outdoor advertising company in the world) and  Madame D. Ernotte, Orange […]

Publiphonie Orange

Remember the kaleidoscope when you were younger ? The little colours inside a tube where you put your eye and said “Woooooow” ? Now, you can create your own virtual one : How many kids know that today ? — And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome on the […]

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