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I have been working as a consultant in Portugal for the past 4 years or so. This means: I own a company. CEO founder yay.

It could have been more simple for me, but the Portuguese freelancer/self-employed status (recibos verdes) massively sucks after the first year if you are doing business abroad.

For the registration, I had to choose a name for this company. The system works like this:

  • If I would provide the name of my choosing, it would have to be reviewed by some kind of commission of company naming, take some time, and then I would have to pay 75 euros, for something I though I didn’t care.
  • The alternative is to choose from a list of pre-selected and approved names from this official government site (take a look, some of these names are hilarious) and to cross my fingers that those days the algorithm would be nice to create a word combination that resonates and that nobody would steal the Chosen Name before I registered it at the Loja de Cidadão in Lisbon. Also this process would be immediate.

Feeling lucky, I let my destiny in the hands of the algorithm. And it went awesomely well that wonderful day. Because I could pick the magnificent and glorious randomly generated “Fearless Dinosaur” as a name for my professional company. YEAH!

I have loved this name since the beginning (as you might have guessed already).

But it remained kind of secret. It had only been used on one contract and my monthly invoices for 3 years. When I would occasionally mention it, it would always bring a smile on my interlocutor’s face.

Nevertheless, I always had the plan to do something great with it.

Fearless Dinosaur logo

Last year, I contacted my friend Dipika from Atelier SPACE with who specializes in brand identity and design. And we finally worked on the idea: we got a face for the Fearless Dinosaur. Or many faces, there is a secret one, somewhere.

We went through several rounds of workshops, with discussions and reflections, to come up with this logo and much more. And I am really happy with it.

In the beginning of this year, I felt like I needed to work on something personal.

So I created a static website with Jekyll to showcase what my job is about and to present the Fearless Dinosaur to the world. I think there are more Easter eggs than anything really life changing in these webpages but I had fun.

Cherry on top of the cake, I am the proud owner of a .boo domain: https://fearless.boo

Be sure to visit the privacy policy page and click on the logo (with your speakers on).

Nothing of this was necessary at all, but it just felt good.

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