Gmail Group Chat conference in Pidgin

Pidgin Configuration for Gtchat

Because you would like to use Pidgin as Gtalk for group chat…

This is how to create a conference into Pidgin with multiple persons and a Gmail account. I assume people you want to talk to have also a Gmail account.

Start a new discussion. And then, it’s just configuration :

Room: private-chat-87654321-abba-dada-cede-aaaaaa987111 (random hexadecimal characters formatted like this)
ID: your nickname/login (it will be anyway your Gmail address)
Password: if you want to set a password (not tested)

And click on save !

Pidgin Configuration for Gtchat

Yay! It’s working ! You can now invite people (right click -> invite) or by drag’n’dropping them into the GroupChat conference.

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