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Recently I have been seeking for business events about entrepreneurship and web around la Cote d’Azur, in South of France. My objectives are simple : to see what’s going on, to meet people, to understand how to do for when I’ll  be ready and on top of that, to understand how to do better.

bannière nice drink 4The first event I have been is Nice Drink #4. This event was sponsored by Perferencement compagny and aimed at allowing web people from south-east of France to connect in a convivial mood.

Different kind of people for different type of connection : job seekers, students looking for a sponsor for their projects, head hunters, business angels, “creative-innovative” showing off, bloggers of all kind, community managers, software engineers, journalists…

The mood was indeed very nice and encounters very interesting. However, I regret the lack of content. Meeting people is nice but it could have been interesting to propose workshops on trendy topics organised by a charismatic master of ceremonies. Anyway, it was a really nice party!


Team Voila to the rescue…

Later I have been to Start Up Factory, where start-ups present their project to business angels. This event was really well organized, albeit less prestigious location. The aim was clear, workshops were organized with a charismatic MC, (I like this expression). Start ups had 5 minutes to present a project to convince business angels in investing in them. The mood was more serious than NiceDrink’s and people looked more like CEO and all kind of executives than bloggers type of person.

What I have learned is that people who don’t know nothing from the web, or just pretending, still want to succeed with revolutionary websites they didn’t check if they already exist, and are asking a lot of money to propose a crappy version of it. Paradox with technical people and their real problems and commercial people saying bullshits is more than real. I’m afraid the commercial ones will succeed. Poor World.

I have also learned, among other things, that business angels are not investing because they want to give a chance to these start ups but because they are saving money from taxes. héhé.

My conclusion regarding these two events is that there is a lot of opportunities to start a company in the web in south of France : people are interested and skilled, funding doesn’t seem a problem, lifestyle is pretty nice… So what’s missing ?

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