Sometimes, it’s not easy with Symfony’ filters to create links displaying a content already filtered without using a specific action. These are examples of how it works directly with an URL generated with a link_to() : <?php echo link_to('New Application', 'applicant', array('sort' => 'created_at', 'sort_type' => 'desc'))?> <br /> <?php […]

Symfony Filter links

While deploying an application realized with Symfony Framework, I had this horrible fatal error 500 by Apache, when trying to access the /web files 500 Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, [xxxx] and […]

Symfony and error 500 on Apache server

Problem while uploading file in admin generator ? The extension is replaced by .exe for .ods files ? or for MIME application/octet-stream ? Just want to keep the name of you files when uploading ? This is your solution: Put this mySfValidatorFile in your root/lib folder. <?php /** * mySfValidatorFile validates […]

Symfony Upload File Name

Everything was very well working when suddenly: Error 500 | Internal Server Error | InvalidArgumentException The "/submission/:id/edit.:sf_format" route has some missing mandatory parameters (:id). Only in dev environment, prod was working without problem. One quick-fix/solution I found was to rewrite the settings.yml in the concerned app folder config like that: […]

Symfony bug route mandatory parameters missing