I hate rewrite rules, and they hate me too. So I used a PHP file. <?php $sRadNewAdress='/wp'; if (isset($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'])&&($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']!='')) { $sQstring = $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']; $aString = explode('/', $sQstring); $sNewAdress = $sRadNewAdress."/".$aString[1]."/".$aString[2]."/".strtolower ($aString[4]); } else { $sNewAdress = $sRadNewAdress; } header('Location: '.$sNewAdress); //Redirection HTTP header('HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently'); header('Status: 301 Moved Permanently'); […]

Dotclear to WordPress Rewrite rule

Sometimes, it’s not easy with Symfony’ filters to create links displaying a content already filtered without using a specific action. These are examples of how it works directly with an URL generated with a link_to() : <?php echo link_to('New Application', 'applicant', array('sort' => 'created_at', 'sort_type' => 'desc'))?> <br /> <?php […]

Symfony Filter links

Quelques mots sur le nouveau design de mes site, blog et Twitter. D’abord, je n’aime pas le rose. Ahaha, la belle blague, y’en a partout. En fait, j’aime les radis et ça va bien avec l’ensemble. Enfin, j’espère. Ce thème est donc la compilation de deux thèmes de Kozlika, thèmeuse […]

Nouveau Design 2

While deploying an application realized with Symfony Framework, I had this horrible fatal error 500 by Apache, when trying to access the /web files 500 Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, [xxxx] and […]

Symfony and error 500 on Apache server

Petite fonctionnalité bloguesque encore complètement inutile mais trop fashion, le nuage de tag flash Cumulus ! Développé par Roy Tank, ce plugin ajoute un petit cadre flash avec tous vos tags. Avec Firefox, vous pouvez le voir là. A l’origine développé pour WordPress, il est disponible sur le site du […]

Cumulus bonus

Problem while uploading file in admin generator ? The extension is replaced by .exe for .ods files ? or for MIME application/octet-stream ? Just want to keep the name of you files when uploading ? This is your solution: Put this mySfValidatorFile in your root/lib folder. <?php /** * mySfValidatorFile validates […]

Symfony Upload File Name

Depuis le temps que je lorgnais sur cette fonctionnalité qui est de base sur WordPress et pas sous DotClear, j’ai cédé, et hop, petit patchage de thème et me voila sur Gravatar. Sous ce nom moche (Globally Recognized Avatar) se cache un service web bien sympathique qui permet de trimballer […]

Powered by Gravatar

Everything was very well working when suddenly: Error 500 | Internal Server Error | InvalidArgumentException The "/submission/:id/edit.:sf_format" route has some missing mandatory parameters (:id). Only in dev environment, prod was working without problem. One quick-fix/solution I found was to rewrite the settings.yml in the concerned app folder config like that: […]

Symfony bug route mandatory parameters missing