Symfony bug route mandatory parameters missing 1

Everything was very well working when suddenly:

Error 500 | Internal Server Error | InvalidArgumentException
The "/submission/:id/edit.:sf_format" route has some missing mandatory parameters (:id).

Only in dev environment, prod was working without problem.

One quick-fix/solution I found was to rewrite the settings.yml in the concerned app folder config like that:

    error_reporting:        <?php echo (E_ALL | E_STRICT)." " ?>
    web_debug:              on
    cache:                  on
    no_script_name:         off
    etag:                   off
    logging_enabled:        on

Followed by a little and really popular:
symfony cc

And, taaaaaadaan everything is back… But unfortunately, I don’t understand were the bug is coming from, and no time for that now.

Just lost two hours…

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