Symfony Upload File Name

Problem while uploading file in admin generator ?

The extension is replaced by .exe for .ods files ? or for MIME application/octet-stream ?

Just want to keep the name of you files when uploading ?

This is your solution:

Put this mySfValidatorFile in your root/lib folder.


 * mySfValidatorFile validates an uploaded file.
 * Fix problem with strange extension file upload in Admin Generator
 * @package    lib
 * @subpackage not necessary
 * @author     Fabien Vauthey fabien . vauthey . gmail . com
class mySfValidatorFile extends sfValidatorFile
    protected function configure($options = array(), $messages = array())
        $this->addOption('validated_file_class', 'sfValidatedFileFab');

class sfValidatedFileFab extends sfValidatedFile {
    public function generateFilename()
        return $this->getOriginalName().'_'.sha1($this->getOriginalName().rand(11111, 99999)).$this->getOriginalExtension();

And clear your cache (symfony cc).

Finally use it like that:

$this->widgetSchema['path'] = new sfWidgetFormInputFileEditable(array(
            'label' => 'File',
            'file_src'  => sfConfig::get('app_path_relative_files_dir').'/'.$this->getObject()->getPath(),    
            'is_image'  => false,
            'edit_mode' => !$this->isNew(),
            'template'  => '<div>Link to the file : <b> <a href="%file%" target="_blank">Click Here to Download "'.$this->getObject()->getName().'"</a> </b><br />%input%<br />%delete% Just remove the current file</div>',

Don’t forget to replace file_src by yours ;)

Et voilaaaa !

Inspired by:
(yes of course I read Russian ^^)

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