Sur un ton un peu moins corporate que d’habitude, voici une première revue littéraire en français, et peut-être pas la dernière. C’est Eki-Libre qui ouvre le bal. Attention, en tant que fan boy, il y a parti pris. Eki-Libre a été écrit par Kriss, YouTuber français vétéran en questionnement permanent. […]

Eki-Libre: review

This book has been recommended to me by my dear friend Eitan. During a casual sunset drink in Lisbon last year, we were talking about the different ways or even personalities to adopt when talking to different colleagues, Israeli, Japanese or Brazilians. Eitan was apologising for the bluntness of the […]

The Culture Map: review

Happy new year to everybody for 2022, and I hope you all stay safe. Like all blog people in the 2010, I have been trying to revive this site for a while. But with social media addictions, it’s so easy to consume and doomscroll and not do anything. [1]Also to […]

Book reviews as a service

We are currently thinking if it is worth continuing the adventure. If you feel that you are missing this website, please leave a comment. Thank you, Fabien for the team CoWorking.Coffee

CoWorking.Coffee: pause

Tokyo Startup Events
The beloved Tokyo Startup Events ( has reached its end of life on 2021-06-04. Once the epic calendar to find all the good events related to startups and tech in Tokyo and surroundings, now resting lost in foreign git repositories among its peers. It had served well its simple purpose, […]

Tokyo Startup Events: the End

I have been working on a simple framework to put a website online for a friend. The premise are simple: No backend language available. No scripting. No database, here we go static site. Some idea of organization and structure, with separated pages. This means multiple page rendering, home/news/content1/about/contact. Common header […]

Dead simple Vue.js router example

There are some countries that you don’t choose to visit. You can always enjoy and make the best of it by gazing at the facades looking for raw art, it will be happiness while waiting to depart. Some walls were more thought-provoking than others.

Street Art from Tel Aviv

These pictures were all taken in between Pinheiros and Vila Madalena district in Sao Paulo, in beco do niggaz and beco do batman. Art from Kobra, Senna, Santhus, Bueno, and many more.

Street Art from Sao Paulo

Technical challenge. If you wanted to have the perfect score on all these page speed tests… How would you do it? I have been working recently for Atanar Technologies on renewing their website and graphical identity. One of the challenge they gave me was to have the perfect score on […]

How to get perfect PageSpeed

The first time I was introduced to the inbox zero (or zero inbox) concept was around 10 years ago by my binome Pierre Martin at INSA engineering school. I didn’t understand the goal. Seriously, why archive/forward/delete stuff when webmails can store more than you can ever receive? Many years, many […]

My life after more than one year of Inbox Zero

Last big tech conference I attended was Tokyo Tech in Asia in 2015, more than one year ago, so I was really excited to attend the Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon.   It has been globally a nice event, but wait, I still think it could be improved. I found in […]

My 0.02€ on the Web Summit 2016

I am finally releasing the coworking interviews I’ve made in the year 2015 as part of my reflexion while working on Coworking.Coffee. These stories are about coworking, with its concepts and ideas ; and people building coworking communities and creating coworking spaces. At the very beginning, I wanted to know how these […]

Interviewing coworkers around Asia